We are simply following states regulations;  you do not and will pay Knockdrop  for a background check. Florida laws makes it mandatory for all individual who come in direct contact with children to be properly checked to ensure total and complete clearance before employment can begin.  All fees associated  with a background check that you pay will go to the state.

Yes, although Knockdrop make it more convenient by letting the parent come to you as a provider if the parent and provider come to a complete agreement to let you come to their house feel free to do so, however all bookings and payment still need to be made through the Knockdrop platform.

Check with your landlord prior to starting your business. All residential leases contain specific language indicating what you are allowed to with the space. If the landlord gives you permission ensures that you receive it in written consent for future reference.
Yes, all registered providers should read the terms of use and agree to them before starting giving care. It is clearly noted that no providers are allowed to leave the premises while caring for a child unless the substitute is present. It is the provider’s responsibility to keep all guests, friends, and family members in check while a child is present in the home. Failure to do so and in any case of unfortunate events the registered provider(s) will be held responsible and face disciplinary and legal actions if necessary.
No, but you are required to successfully complete all trainings made mandatory by the state and the Department of children and families.

As stated in our term of use all providers are required to submit their new address within 10 days of moving and update their info on their dashboard; this will ensure that the information on your profile are accurate, that you are in compliance with zoning and parents will be able to find you quickly to keep business flowing smoothly for you.

If a provider moves and wants to stay in business with Knockdrop they must submit their new address within 10 days of moving and update their info on their dashboard; this will ensure that the information on your profile are accurate, that you are in compliance with zoning and avoid any issues with future background check that may result in delayed employment clearance and parents needing care will also be able to find you on our network.

We encourage outing especially if the child will stay a long time but this need to be previously discussed between you and the parent of the child, if an agreement is reached with complete written permission from the parent then enjoy the outdoors and remember safety first.
Knockdrop charges all provider $50 after one year for a mandatory annual review that will continue to happen every year; it is to ensure that all provider’s background check, accommodations, required trainings and all other requirements are satisfactory to keep you in business.
Yes, but be persuasive. Convince the parents why your services are now more valuable therefore more expensive than before, we recommend that you start with a newly updated bio which may include the new services you are willing to render such as washing the spare clothes a child was wearing, or school pickup..etc… And again anything the parent allows you to do should be in writing. (Emails or text messages)
Safely yes, if they are big enough have a chat with them so they understand why this (these) new child (ren) is (are) in the home. Children tend to be territorial but with the right communication, behaviors and attitude they can all interact together to play safely, learn, do crafts and make new friends in the process but never leave another child to watch the children unless they are 18 or older and listed as your substitute.

To receive payments from Knockdrop you must first go to Stripe.com and create an account. You will need to verify yourself and add the info that they need then access your dashboard on Knockdrop.com go to provider settings click payment and connect your stripe account you created as well as your bank information where you want your payouts to be deposited then follow the steps.

  • Create a Stripe account.
  • Provide business details. This will include the address and legal structure. Stripe will also request personal information about you, including your full name and date of birth.
  • Link a bank account. This is where you’ll receive payouts from Knockdrop

Stripe allows you as a provider to accept payments deposited directly into your bank account for your services.

Knockdrop charges all providers a fee on all appointments to help cover the costs of the products and services we provide and is calculated from the price you as the provider charge a parent. Your payment amounts will vary depending on the services you provide and how much you charge for them. If your payment is delayed or lower than you expected, check your appointments and all the services you provided for that period, it could be the result of a canceled appointment, a reduced time a parent usually needed your services or due to a full or partial refund if you dismissed a child.

Contact support via email to edit or delete your profile.

Good question! But remember that Knockdrop is different; we allow you to stay in your home to give care. While you will not need to commute to different houses for your services, having parents coming to you and trusting you with their child requires a different set of rules established through these courses per state laws.


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