Knockdrop have taken the most important step for you which is only allowing qualified providers in our network through extensive background checks and real trainings, we have also ensured that all our providers have a clear understanding of what is expected of them but we strongly recommend that you as the parent have a clear understanding of your needs so you can find the provider who fit them best. Take the time to review all providers’ profiles carefully so you can choose the best for you and your child and if you ever need some support we are only an email away.
You can request this directly from a provider if you have not received a response within 48 hours please email us.
Once, you book an appointment for your child you are required to pay for the provider’s services, the only way a refund will be issued is if the provider dismisses the child in less than one hour as our providers charges per hour.

Our providers are valued members of Knockdrop, they make real income by caring for your child and some even do this full time, the minimum they free their time to care for our children is one hour, even if you pick your child before one (1) hour understand that you are still required to pay them the full hour; a refund will only be issued if it is the provider who cannot render services as they should.

In this case this transaction is not known by Knockdrop and we will not be held responsible of any unfortunate and regrettable incident that may happen, this will be simply a friendly and free service between friends.

Knockdrop recommends that parents take all the time they need to go through many providers’ profiles and carefully read their bio before they hire one as we cannot unfortunately make a choice for you but if after a day of service you are still not satisfied of the choice that you made you can always choose another provider next time.

No, unless it was deemed unsafe and the child had to be picked up urgently or a child was dismissed by the provider. Our providers welcome any comments, questions, and recommendations; you can always have a honest and friendly chat with the provider about any concern you may have.
Each provider chooses the age range of the children they are able to care for. If you have a toddler and a provider’s profile clearly includes his/ her age then the provider is completely expected to render all services required for the well-being of the child may it be diaper change or baths.


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